I have never had to hire an attorney for an auto accident until last year. I was unsure of who to go to for help. I googled auto accident lawyers, and found many options. After making several phone calls, I realized that most of the law firms I was calling were gigantic. Most of them were also located in Center City. I felt uncomfortable with all the initial choices. Fortunately, the final phone call I made was to the law office of Steven Kmett. I was able to quickly schedule a meeting. I decided to hire Mr. Kmett, and I have been very pleased with his work. I appreciated his professional demeanor, supportive manner, and his attention to detail.

Brandon Adams

Steven Kmett handled all the legal work for an auto accident I was involved in. The stress and pressure of talking with the insurance companies were eliminated when I hired Mr. Kmett. He allowed me to focus on recovering from the accident while he communicated with the insurance company, gathered important paperwork, and filled out all required documents. Mr. Kmett worked extremely diligently, and was very communicative throughout the process. Initially, I had asked a family friend to represent me, but decided to go with Mr. Kmett after speaking with him briefly on the phone. I felt confident that I had made the right choice of attorneys after my first meeting with him. Looking back, I could not have asked for a better attorney. He was extremely dependable, honest, and had my best interest in mind at all times

Tyler Callahan

If you're looking for an awesome accident attorney, look no further! Steinem Kmett takes care of everything so that you can focus on recovering stress free.

Camara Chatham-Rodriguez

Great lawyer truly recommend him.

Emily Rivera

Only had to drop off a payment but talked for a few minutes and seems like a great person to deal with.

Brian R.

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